Five Reasons To Buy Vintage Engagement Rings

In recent years, vintage engagement rings have seen a surge in popularity. The vintage ring is making a comeback with more brides-to be sporting them. It is a big decision that requires planning and research. A vintage ring is a great option, as it has more history and character than the typical modern ring. These rings are popular with women who are looking for a variety of styles, from the Renaissance, Georgian and Victorian eras to Art Deco. These are five reasons to shop for a vintage wedding ring.


Antique jewellery is rare, and you rarely see the same piece. Vintage designs can be very different to modern ones. There are so many styles that span a variety of eras and are not in the current trends. Modern rings lack the same unique beauty and charm as vintage styles.

High Quality

Today’s bridal jewellery is often mass-produced in identical and generic designs. Vintage engagement rings, on the other hand, were often handmade in unique and intricate designs that were specific to their time period. This means that every piece of antique jewellery was given the same care and attention as modern pieces.


Fascinating History

Vintage jewellery is a treasure trove for many engaged couples. Every ring has a special romanticism that is unique to it and each new owner. It is impossible to know the origin story of a ring, so it is best to leave the meaning up to the imagination.

Environment Sustainability

Constant production of jewellery at current industry pace requires a lot of energy, which has a negative effect on the environment. To sustain large-scale jewellery manufacturing, raw materials and other resources are being exploited around the globe. You can help to recycle old engagement rings and make a fashion statement by buying them.

Return on Investment

Engagement rings are often considered a high-end purchase. It is common to believe that an engagement ring should cost the groom anywhere from one to three months of his salary, if not more. An engagement ring from the past can be a great investment. They will appreciate in value if they are well maintained. The rule of thumb is that the older the jewel, the more valuable it is. However, you can buy a retro or estate ring and keep it in great condition so that it can be resold. These pieces of jewellery are timeless in their intrinsic value. Modern reproductions of these vintage rings are available at most jewelry stores. However, you can find antique originals in specialty shops and antique shops.